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Newest Members


Hello everyone and welcome to Cosplay-Star!
Anyone can participate.
This group is dedicated to cosplayers from around the world.
It is a group of fans, cosplayers and photographers.
If you have any other questions feel free to ask.


:bulletgreen:Respect the staff and members. Leave your attitude at the door.

:bulletgreen:You are allowed to post 3 photos per day.

:bulletgreen:sumbit your photo to the right folder! Triple check all folders before sending so that you know you have the right way!

:bulletgreen:Photos with adult content should be marked as such

:bulletgreen:Remember that the deviations that contain graphic violence are not allowed

:bulletgreen:As a photographer you are of course allowed cosplay sumbit picture just make sure the name of the cosplayer in your comment box artist. Same goes for cosplayers. The photographer's name, please!

:bulletgreen:Clear Photo, photos we can see you and your cosplay. They do not have to be high quality, but we would like to be able to see you instead of one big blur.


:bulletred:We will not accept images only wig.

:bulletred:No work or WIP test shots NO make up photos

:bulletred:No Photos On-Stage. Unless relevant to the picture, there are pictures of you on stage.

:bulletred: No PEOPLES in background! strangers, not related to the theme spoil a possible beautiful picture.

:bulletred: Conphotos not be accepted for the group, unless they show a simple cosplay (without unrelated people in the background) or are of very good quality.

:bulletred:ads! This group does not exist to boost sales! Photos posted with the sole purpose of advertising will be refused!

:bulletred:Do not send Cosplays Stolen. If not you, or you do not take the picture, is stolen. You will be immediately banned.


:bulletyellow:Try to keep the variety, do not post all the images in a shot or a whole gallery! Identical images may be withheld or deleted. We accept only a few (usually 3) of the same cosplay pictures / photoshoot.

:bulletyellow: A picture with a detailed description will help our co-founders to identify the presentation (eg, model, game character, / Anime / Movie photographer, and Events).

:bulletyellow:best picture quality possible. Appropriate digital editing is also required.

:bulletyellow:Avoid sending multiple photos of the same pose

:bulletyellow: Please do not remove all your photos in the group and re-submit them just to get more opinions. You will be banned. If you have a photo you want to remove and replace, then fine. But do NOT re-add all your photos with the purpose of pageviews

Keep in mind that everyone makes mistakes. So if you think that the shipment was denied because of no reason ask the staff.

NOTE: If your presentation has expired, please resend

You want to help build the group? No problem, just send a note
the founder

Thanks for reading





Hi everyone!

I'm here to advise all members about some details that maybe are passing unnoticed and prejudicing the group.

*Please submit your photos to the correct album!
Weekly we receive lots of photos that are submitted to wrong folders. Before you send it, please search and submit your pic to the respective folder belonging your cosplay series. The folder "Another" is just for the photos related to the homonymous anime. If there are not a folder related yo your cosplay pic, you are allowed to submit to "Other Anime and Manga" (if it's anime or manga) or "Other Video Games" (if it's about games), then soon we'll arrange your photo to a new folder related to it.

*Members sending us the same photo more than once
Please, submit your photo just once and wait. Our staff have personal affairs to solve everyday, not everyone can handle all the submitions of the group in one day. Please be patient.

*Don't submit makeup test or tutorials. We always receive here this kind of pics and it's clearly explained on the rules that "WE DON'T ACCEPT MAKEUP TUTORIALS/TEST". >__<

*If your photo weren't accepted when you send it, please don't insist. Our decision were made and we'll keep declining it. If you insist, you'll be banned from the group. In the case of your submition being rejected, please send us a note asking why and we'll contact you explaining the reason.

*Attention! Starting July 1 we are going to add to the group a new rule. The group will only accept quality images. It doesn't need to be a professional edit, as long as your photo is visible, clear and clean (without people unrelated to the scene and garbage on the background) and you take your pics in a proper scenery. If your character have to do with a home scene, there is no problem to submit a home shot if clear and well built - that's an exception. And we definetly won't accept convention photos with unrelated people on the background, even if it's blurred! so please submit your best shots because the pictures will be selected by hand.

*Vulgar photos won't be accepted! Sexy is different from erotic vulgar, if your cosplay series is ecchi please be resonable. You can submit light sensual photos if related to your cosplay series or character's behaviour, but nude and smut will be declined!

*Our objective is not to restrain the photo sharing with the group, don't get us wrong please. It's exactly the opposite! We want you, that did your best to finish your beautiful work, to show the world through the pictures your best and all the potential you have! So, to achieve this objective good and quality images will be needed and are the most successful way. You are what you have to offer, you are your image. Believe in you and let's rock it! \o/

Thank you! :heart:
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